Thursday, January 1, 2009

Setting intentions, not making resolutions

Happy New Year! It's that time of the year, when people make resolutions which they keep for about a month or so. Why is it so hard to keep resolutions? And what can we do instead that will be more rewarding?

Resolutions are boring. They're about fixing something that's broken. They come from a place of "should." I should: stop eating sugar; exercise regularly; call my mother more often... You get the gist of it. They're not something that we want to do, they're something that we feel obligated to do so that we can be a better person, a more attractive person, you fill in the blank. No wonder we can't stick with them.

So what if instead of resolutions, we set intentions for the new year? How much more empowering is that? Intentions are about us being co-creators with God. They're about checking into our hearts and discovering what gives us joy. And when we discover what gives us joy and go for it, then we are fulfilling our life's purpose. Then we are following our destiny.

So my main intention for the new year is to make my book a bestseller and to have it be read by all the people who could benefit from it. It's to start speaking about the issues that I am passionate about: being true to yourself, breaking free from the disempowering concensus, living a life of joy. It's about showing up in the world and offering my gifts of clarity to support others in their spiritual journey.

Oh, and my secondary intention is to have fun.

What are your intentions for 2009? What life do you intend to create for yourself?

There really is no time to waste, as the world desperately needs your true gifts in order to be saved.

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Anonymous said...

O.K. let's wrap up 2008, people. I'm a little late commenting about Despina's blog that struck a nerve in her past spiritual community.
(I think that's called growth)
It seems to me that Despina is a person who is actively learning her life's lesson whatever GOD is asking her to do or not to do. The art of being present in your life to do God’s work may be to say "NO", GOD certainly say’s “NO" to many people in the world. What would are lives be like if we knew (not thought) that GOD would answer our prayers with a yes. "NO GROWTH IN THE HUMAN RACE".

Common so called spiritual people.

Begging is exactly what it is “begging” and giving is exactly what it is “giving that meant to be free of attachment” unless you have given with a legal binding document that states that it is not a gift it is a loan.

I’m sorry to hear that despina’s friend of late, sister has died. I’m sorry for the woman who asked for the money to see her sister (before she died????) but that is not what she stated the money was for she stated that her sister was seriously ill. Was this woman living in denial of the truly that family and loved one’s die? We all die and we all live and we all suffer that’s called growth that’s what we are here for.

Maybe that was a lesson that this woman and her sister had agreed upon before their incarnated because of some past Karmic lesson not learned? Can this be possible????? Come on you spiritually confused people we are not to Judge and that may be a hard lesson to learn for all of us.

When you make a judgment you are not directing it at anyone but God.

Please understand this and grow people. Learn that “NO” comes from love. I will say that again” No” comes from love.
The point to this: is to learn your lessons not to waste time in judgment of others lesson.
And even with that God may still say “NO” to her. Sad but true.
So who are these people who write in your blog Despina and making judgment and stating that God’s word is wrong because of social etiquette that’s what giving out of guilt is not what God wants you to learn.
And begging people is just that. And sometimes it is an agreement to given and some times it’s not. But that is between the people directly involved and not for other’s to waste their precious time on earth judging what other have done.
GOOD for you Despina for stirring the pot.
Maybe some people will start to understand what we are on this planet to do.
P.S. When you died you go home this is not home for our spirit it is a classroom for the soul. So when you loose a loved one to biodegradable death. You should know this: IT MEANS THEY LEARNED THEIR LESSON AND HAVE GRADUATED HOME. Celebrate their victory. !!!!! And love and thank them for helping you to get to the same place when your time comes.