Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Take a leap of faith, and the Universe supports you

My apologies for not writing in my blog for a while now. I was chastised a bit by a friend, who asked me why I wasn't writing. Couldn't I multi-task? Well, I've been juggling a lot of stuff, but she's right. This blog is important to me and I need to write.

The reason I haven't written is because my other priorities have taken precedence. My day job has been keeping me busy, which is not surprising. What is surprising is that I've been even busier with my book. Who knew that an unknown author who just self-published her first book would have interviews up the wazoo? Apparently happiness, in the face of failure and loss, is a hot topic these days. And that's what my book is about. Who knew that my book would be published at a time of economic crisis? I didn't. But I trusted my desire to write a book and the universe (God, whatever you want to call the higher power) took care of the rest.

Who knew that my book would get "editor's choice" and as a result a New York publicist would be available to promote my book? Who knew that the money to hire the publicist would show up within a day of my finding him? This publicist specializes in making unknown authors known. I didn't know any of this, and I didn't have to. I had faith, did my part, and everything fell into place.

This publicist is fantastic. Last week I had three radio interviews and one print interview. Two days ago I had an hour interview with Dr. Carole Lieberman ( I didn't know her but apparently she's pretty well known. Next week I'm being interviewed on TV for the first time.

If it sounds like I'm bragging, I'm not. I had nothing to do with this. I just followed my passion, had faith, ignored the naysayers, and kept the vision. And of course I took action: I wrote the book; I published it; I'm speaking; I'm doing my part. And the universe is doing its part. I am continuously amazed at how easy and fun this process is, and how quickly things are happening.

That's what happens when you follow your dream. It's not about just sitting in meditation and visualizing success; you have to take action. But you don't have to do everything yourself. You do what you can do, and the universe does the rest. You take a leap of faith, and the universe supports you in a magical way. I see this happening over and over, and it never ceases to amaze me.

You can do this too. If there is a deep desire that you have--a dream, even if it appears farfetched--take a leap of faith and go for it. If you are meant to do this, you will be supported beyond anything you have ever imagined.

My prayer is for everyone to experience their dreams coming true, as I am.


Luka'an Sheehan said...

Thank you for inspiring me to continue trusting and following my heart. What a wonderful service you are offering others by showing the way. Thank you from my heart to you. Luka'an xxx

Despina Gurlides said...

I am so happy that I've inspired you to trust and follow your heart! That's why I wrote the book. That's when the magic happens. Life has become one miracle after another for me, and I find myself in a place that I could not have imagined. So much so, that I haven't been writing lately, as life is taking me in other directions. But perhaps you are inspiring me too, to start writing again. We shall see...Thank you so much!