Monday, February 15, 2010

Back from the dead

From the date of my last post I see that it's been almost a year since I wrote. I wasn't sure that I would write in my blog again, but it seems to have come to life on its own. Everyday there is a nice comment from a fellow blogger and so I thought I'd pick up the pen again, so to speak.

Much has transpired in the last ten months since I wrote. I found out that my being tired all the time was not a result of old age. My mother is 82 years old and had five times more energy than I did. But it wasn't until I started losing much of my hair that I realized there was something really wrong with me. Well it turned out that I had a low thyroid (hypo-thyroidism). The $1,800 worth of blood tests while revealing many things wrong, did not identify my thyroid as the main culprit. A friend diagnosed me. She handed me a couple of supplements and said, "If it's your thyroid, you will feel better right away." I didn't believe her but I took a supplement and the next day I felt really alive for the first time in months.

It seems that over 40% of the female population suffers from hypo-thyroidism. These women are constantly tired, don't have the energy to do simple things like get dressed and put on make-up, lose their sexual desire and passion for life, and when it gets really bad lose their hair. I thank God that I went practically bald. It allowed me to see that there was something really wrong with me and no, forcing myself to exercise was not going to help. Exercising when you have low thyroid totally depletes you to the point where you think you're going to collapse.

My sister recommended an excellent book called Hypo-thyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness by Broda O. Barnes and Lawrence Galton. If I had only read it when it was first published, in 1976, I could have had more energy sooner and more of a life. But better late than never.

The remedy is so simple. I didn't even need to take thyroid hormone. There is a great Raw Thyroid supplement by Natural Sources that you can buy at Whole Foods or order online at . It costs less than $20 a bottle and a couple of pills will make a huge difference right away, if thyroid is your issue. Since I've been taking these supplements (I take 4 a day) I have energy, the world has gone from gray to color, and my hair is starting to grow back. Also I have helped several other friends who had similar symptoms and who are now feeling much better thanks to these supplements.

Ladies, we are not meant to go quietly in the night and fade away. If you are feeling the way I did, just try these supplements out. And don't waste your time with visits to the doctor and expensive tests which more often than not do not indicate a problem.

It's good to be back!

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Rowena Green said...

I took generic drugs for past weeks but didn't feel great after using it. Then I was on desiccated thyroid . Desiccated thyroid decreased my symptoms and it is much better for me.