Sunday, February 21, 2010

More on Hypo-Thyroidism

This blog was not intended to be about health. It was intended to be about spiritual matters. But how can you separate one from the other? When you are feeling constantly tired and barely able to function, how can you focus on self-actualization and spiritual awakening? You are too busy focused on survival. You are focused on taking care of the basics: getting your job done so you can pay your bills, cleaning the house, cooking, sending the kids off to school, taking care of your responsibilities. There is no energy left over for fun, passion, purpose, or anything that makes life worthwhile.

I am convinced that among women hypo-thyroidism (low thyroid) is a rampant epidemic. I thought it was just middle-aged and older women. But yesterday I met a drop-dead gorgeous 30-year old woman who was telling me the story I knew so well. She had no energy. She woke up tired and in a fog. She could barely function. She had been to doctors who kept telling her she's fine because they couldn't find anything wrong with her. Meanwhile she was starting to lose her beautiful blonde hair.

I quickly whipped out two of the thyroid supplements I've been taking (read the previous post) and asked her to take them right away. I promised her that she would feel better within a day if thyroid was her issue, which I have no doubt that it is. She seemed skeptical but took them. I too was skeptical when my friend gave me the supplements to take. But I was a believer the next day when I woke up with more energy than I had had in years. Since then I have seen two other women take the supplement and come back to life overnight.

I also gave her some direction around:
  • Not eating sugar--use maltitol, xylitol or agave nectar instead
  • Staying away from Nutrisweet. It causes headaches, which she has been experiencing, and has been known to cause brain cancer.
  • Staying away from dairy. Coconut milk makes a great smoothie, with a protein powder of your choice and frozen organic berries.
  • Finding some gluten-free substitutes for bread and pasta.

I'm not a nutritionist but I have read enough and have noticed what works for me. I wish that medical doctors would do the same.

She called me "her angel" and I saw hope light her face. I hope she lets me know how she is.

So again, I beseech you. If you are feeling really tired and especially are losing hair, spend $20 and buy a bottle of Raw Thyroid by Natural Sources. Take a couple of supplements in the morning, and a couple more at lunch time. In all probability you will get your life back.

By the way, I am in no way connected to the company that produces these supplements--except that I am grateful for their product changing my life.

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Hilary said...

Dear Despina,
Thought of you and checked in on your blog and was delighted to see that you have posted again. I always enjoy your sharing, so thank you and please keep letting us know how you are moving through life. With love,Hilary P.S. Having a massive snowstorm in NYC right now