Saturday, August 13, 2011

Outside the matrix: A new way of being

I apologize for not writing sooner. Strangely enough, despite my impoverished status, I am really busy working. Things are showing up for me to do, and despite the fact that they pay very little, I feel called to do them. As a result I am working as much as I did when I had a six figure income, and if I don't assign monetary value to my time I am being rewarded well. It seems that when you unplug from the Matrix, when life becomes simple, work shows up in strange ways, often through friends. And whether you are paid by them or not, your needs are met.

As I've mentioned before, my rent for the month is taken care of; in return I am editing my house mate's book. A friend who has a wonderful skin care line ( with the best quality essential oils and no preservatives--is supplying me with the best moisturizers, toners, cleansers, and serums that I have ever used. In return I am working on developing ROIs and a budet for her business. It seems that the skills I have developed over the last 35 years can still be used. And I am getting to try out some skills I didn't know I had, such as writing the story of Mary Magdalene for a friend's production. Woo hoo! How much fun is that?

Life has come down to the basics. I have shelter and food for me and the cats. Well, I also have the products that I like and need, such as skin care. It seems that I still get to color my hair by trading my skills there. Hmmm...I am not wanting for anything. Though I have had to let go of the idea of security. For example, I no longer have medical insurance. Apart from the fact that I just can't afford it right now, I refuse to bet that I will get sick. Let God take care of my health. And I am not concerned if my credit cards are getting paid right now. The banks created this mess that has me unemployed, why should I give my life blood to them?

Yesterday as I was walking up the street where I live, I saw a homeless mom with her young daughter asking for money. I gave her a couple of dollars and talked to her--really talked to her. Like many others, she and her family had lost their home. They were living out of a motel. They were doing the best they could to get out of the hole they were in, and they were struggling. My heart went out to her. I gave her another ten dollars--half the cash I have. And we hugged, for a long time. As the Matix--the old paradigm of corporate greed--is dying, those of us who are getting unplugged from it need to support each other. We will get through this, even if the economic system that we depended on does not.

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