Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not buying into other people's belief systems

We all have belief systems. We can't function without them, just as a computer cannot function without software. Many (dare I say all?) of our belief systems are limiting. They run unconsciously and cause suffering. Rather than try to fix the world outside, when I have a problem I try to figure out what limiting belief system I am running. Then I go in and heal it, usually through a visualization. (I've started leading people in coaching sessions through this visualization and it seems to be helping them too.) It's really interesting to see how the outside world shifts automatically, when I clear out a belief system in my internal world.

Since we each have different belief systems, we each live in very different worlds. The saying "I'll believe it when I see it" is backwards. The truth is that you will see something only when you believe it. Do you want to earn a lot of money? You need to believe this is possible. Do you want to have a best-selling book? You need to believe that you will. Do you want to have a job that pays well and offers you the freedom of four-day weekends? You need to believe that you can. If you don't believe that something is possible, it will not happen.

One thing I struggle with is not picking up other people's beliefs, especially when they seem painful to me. Last night I had a long discussion with a friend. She believes that you can either be plugged into the Matrix and earn a lot of money, or you can do work that you love and be scrounging for every dollar. And if she believes that, that will be how her life will work.

I do not believe this. I believe that once you click on your path and are doing work that you love, the Universe, which is infinite, will provide much greater abundance than you could have had in the Matrix. It won't just be an abundance of material things--and let's admit that we are in a body and need shelter, food, warmth, clothes etc. It will be an abundance of time, energy, love, passion, joy, peace--all the other things that make life worth living.

I found myself becoming upset with my friend's point of view. Why?, I asked myself, am I upset with her beliefs? The answer came back quickly: It's because you believe that her beliefs will affect yours, and you will have to live her limitations. Ok, that explains it. "Let me be clear," I said to the Universe, when I was walking in the park today. "My reality will not be affected by anyone else's beliefs. I am clicking on my path, and I expect abundance. If I have any limiting beliefs around this, please let me heal them."

Refreshed from the walk in the park, I came home feeling much more peaceful. No one can impose their view on me, unless I let them. My thoughts create my life, and I will focus on creating an abundant future that is on purpose. And I will allow everyone else to have their beliefs and create their life as they wish. That is, unless they realize they are suffering, and ask me for help. Since we need to teach what we are learning, I am here to support others in changing any limiting beliefs. God knows I'm not perfect, but I am willing to show up and share what I know.

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Mark said...

There is so much in this one. Taking the Matrix analogy further, it's like the difference between being totally identified as software and realizing that we're also the programmers. It'd be pretty silly for a programmer to get worked up about something he wrote, or somehow upset about how another piece of software interacts with theirs but of course that happens too, even though they are in a position to change it at will!

Douglas Rushkoff makes an interesting observation about the different media revolutions we've had. When the written word was first developed, people were hearers only as only the priests read the texts. Then came the printing press and while people could read more relatively few people wrote. And now when we have the internet while a lot of people write, very few are programmers that shape how the information flows, but that is the new cutting edge.

Of course computer programming is just one example, when it comes to programming our minds it can be a natural, organic, collaborative process that unfolds in community rather than something like coding hardware. And as we settle more into the role of the programmer, there is more freedom and responsiveness to what happens in the moment. After all things change and old beliefs that served us at one point may no longer apply, but underlying it is this ability to change. So to me the exciting thing is not what we may create something new, but that we CAN create!