Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christos Anesti!

Christos Anesti! This is what Greeks say to each other on Easter Sunday. Christ has risen. The response is "Alithos Anesti"--truly, He has risen. And that's what I feel today. The world is about resurrection and rebirth, which is why Easter falls at the same time as the pagan holidays around fertility. Do you really think that eggs and bunnies have anything to do with a Jewish rabbi being crucified and resurrected? No, they are symbols of fertility. Spring is here and nature, just like Christ, is experiencing a rebirth.

We got the message wrong by focusing on the crucifixion and making the cross the symbol of Christianity. Christ's message was one of everlasting life, not of sacrifice. The point is that he rose from the grave. The point is that he showed us that death is an illusion. As is fear. I once read that fear was an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. I am seeing this more and more clearly everyday.

The analyst's job that I mentioned in my previous post was full time and required being in the office. Despite the fact that I had less than $10 to my name, I told the headhunter I wasn't interested. It was an easy test to pass. The next day I got a book to edit, a student to tutor, and $100 from my house mate. I felt rich! For the first time in a while I was able to go to Whole Foods and buy everything I wanted. I used to take that for granted. Now I am grateful.

Rather than focus on fear of survival, I have been focusing on starting a speaking career, and the Universe is supporting me. This past Thursday I went to the Toast of Petaluma (, a group that supports speakers. I loved it! The people were kind and friendly and professional, and I felt at home. I could see how this group could help me become a speaker.

At the end of the meeting I met a wonderful woman, Anastasia ( who, for a reasonable fee, helps new speakers find speaking gigs. I knew she was the answer to one of my prayers, especially when she offered me an installment plan so that I could afford her. Not to mention that she lives three blocks from my house. I love how the Universe/God operates, when you commit to living your life from a place of purpose!


Mark said...

I don't have a great religious education but you can't tell me that the simple symbol made up of two lines hadn't come up before that time, and it seems to me that the basic structure is probably very meaningful.

Could it be that it simply represents the intersection between the vertical dimension of higher and lower with the horizontal scope of all that is here in this world? And that is a perfect symbol for spiritually meaningful work that is relevant to the world.

Anonymous said...

actually, the cross does symbolize sacrifice if you believe that christ was the sacrifice for the sin of humankind. Just as the Jews had to make a blood sacrifice before christ to atone for man's sin, so christ was the human- and final- sacrifice for man's sin. Therefore, individuals have rebirth and a new life through christ's sacrifice.