Friday, April 1, 2011

Session with Barbara Sher

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Universe has been supporting me in moving towards my life's purpose. For months I have been praying for guidance concerning the next step to take in creating work that I am passionate about. Today this guidance arrived in a 20-minute Skype session with Barbara Sher. Who knew that with my limited funds, I could afford such a coach? Well, thanks to her generosity, and a good friend who forwarded me her newsletter, I found myself furiously writing down notes today as Barbara gave me one tip after another.

It seems that I'm ahead of the game, as I already know that I want to write, speak, coach, and hold workshops. I also have a book written, a blog (here it is!) and a website. And I even know who my target audience is: successful people who have it all but are unhappy. Barbara listened to all I had to say, and then asked me what my challenge was. "I don't know how to promote myself," I replied.

"You need to use Twitter," she said. "You'll never get anywhere without Twitter; with Twitter you can get far!" Hmmmm...Twitter. Of course I heard of it, but hadn't given it much thought. I'm really low-tech and pat myself on the back for having come this far with technology. Apparently I haven't come far enough. Her advice was very specific. She pointed out how Twitter could be used to obtain a following, as well as to search for people with similar interests. I had no idea Twitter could be used as a search engine.

Of course her advice didn't stop there. She went on to discuss how Linked In could be used (look for groups), how Facebook could be used (not quite that easy as it keeps changing), and how I could move on to (not yet but when I've become more proficient with Twitter). Her advice included mentioning people I should connect with. By the time our session was over, I had about four pages of notes. And all this information came with humor and grace. I felt nervous getting on Skype with her, but very quickly was at ease, as if I was talking to an aunt who cared about me.

I am very grateful to Barbara for offering this support, as many of us are transitioning from jobs in the "Matrix" to our soul's purpose. I have a couple of friends who are meeting with her in the next few days. As for me, I am going to figure out how to use Twitter...

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Eileen Fay said...

Hi, Despina, What an interesting life you have been leading! Not an easy one, but complex and spiritually rich, I would say.
I so agree about Barbara Sher's helpful ideas. She is a wonder, that woman! I have been aided immeasurably by her insights and truly practical advice. As someone on a very restricted budget myself, I also appreciated her starting the $20 tele-sessions.

I wish you all good things in your continuing journey, and will be peeking back at this site again in future.

(The photo is a great choice, may I say.)
Eileen Fay