Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From a leap of faith to a smooth landing

First of all, I want to apologize for not writing sooner. It's not just that I was in the midst of downsizing, selling all my stuff, and moving. I was having trouble signing onto my blogger account. Just as well. Things were so unsettled it would have been difficult to write.

But finally I have landed in a very good place and I am happy. I am writing this post seated in the dining room of my new home, looking out the large windows onto a lovely neighborhood of cute houses with gardens filled with flowers. My cat Max, who is usually stressed for weeks after a move, is sitting peacefully on the couch, while my other cat Bradley is sleeping on my bed.

My new house mate is away during the week, so I have the entire place to myself. But I'm just as happy when he is here, as he has already become a close friend. We have already had long discussions about what's important to us, and we seem to be on the same wavelength spiritually--despite the fact that we come from very different backgrounds. Not to mention that he is an amazing cook. Saturday night is pizza night, and he makes his pizza from scratch--even making his own dough. Delicious.

The wonderful thing is that since I've only moved about half an hour north from where I lived, I still have all my old friends visiting. Actually one friend has decided to move up here too. At the same time my horizons are expanding and I am making new friends. Everything feels brand new and light. The heavy burden of high expenses and lots of stuff, has been lifted. I should be able to meet my monthly expenses easily, and this is a huge relief.

It seems that this shift has finally caused a window of opportunity to open. Finally, money seems to be flowing my way again. I just sold a painting today. A friend sold my pots and pans. I might have a book to edit soon. A student needs help with her MBA. All this came in today. This is how it always happens. When it's time to move the money supply stops. Once I move where I am meant to be, the money starts flowing again. Whew! My mantra these past couple of months has been a lesson from the Course in Miracles which states: I place my future in the hands of God.

Well, I have to say that no matter how scary it gets, letting God lead the way always works.

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