Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am entitled to miracles

This is my lesson today from the Course in Miracles. Not "I hope for miracles," or even "I expect miracles," but I am entitled to miracles. A few days ago I completed the 365 lessons from the Course, and now have started opening the book at random in the morning, to determine my lesson for the day. This lesson seems to be in sync with my mind set today.

I went to bed last night asking the question: What can I say yes to? Not a wobbly yes, but a strong, passionate, excited yes. Just asking this question left me feeling optimistic that good things would be showing up. I felt that I had taken scarcity and being limited to the extreme. My cup had been totally emptied out--from money, from furniture, from my home, from independence, from arrogance, from being in control. Now that the cup had been emptied of the things that needed to go, it could be filled with things that would bring joy to my life, such as an unconditionally loving relationship with a man; a writing career; a way to support myself that didn't involve boredom or stress; laughter and celebration with friends, etc.

Life seems to go in cycles. We breathe in, hold our breath, then breathe out. A wave goes into the ocean, stops, and comes back to land again. We experience an emptying out, a stopping, and then a fulfillment. The problem arises when we think, because we have been emptied out, that we will always be empty. We think that God has forgotten us, and there will only be loss in our lives. We go into fear and start worrying about the future. And then the good things can't come in.

We are not meant to get stuck in emptiness and loss. Like our breathing, we are meant to let the air out so that new air can come in. We are cleaning out the cup from the old, cold tea so that we can pour in a new flavor of hot, delicious, nourishing tea. OK, so my cup has been emptied and I have extolled the virtues of loss and emptiness. But I will not stay here holding onto an empty cup. I am entitled to miracles and I look forward to a full cup of joy soon.


Mark said...

How about just "I am a miracle?" Even more direct, and we didn't even need to go to Cafe Gratitude..

Dara said...

How inspiring. Just this morning I was journaling about how I deserve goodness and that yes, good things CAN happen to me. Love the word "entitled" - will start using it as I open to the abundance of Life. It's been a decade of loss, so I'm ready! Wonderful to have a soul-sister on the journey. I wish for you all that is in your heart.