Thursday, November 11, 2010

11/11 Meditating for 11 minutes at 11:11 pm Eastern Standard Time

Today is a big day in the metaphysical calendar. No, not Veteran's day. It's November 11, or 11/11, which is a powerful number. There is a meditation that is happening worldwide at 11:11 pm Eastern Standard time, or 8:11 pm Pacific time, for 11 minutes, to heal the planet. If you have time just close your eyes for 11 minutes and visualize a healed planet with clean water, clean air, green, and peaceful, or whatever comes to your mind. Visualize yourself happy too, however that shows up for you.

They are looking for a million people to join and participate in this meditation. Do I believe that a million people focusing on a healed planet can make a difference? You betcha. It can make much more of a difference than a lot of angry people going out and trying to change the world by making things happen. It's the difference between going to the film projector to change a movie you don't like, and going to the screen and attacking the figures you see there. It's all an internal job.

I wasn't very busy today so I sat outside, in the beautiful autumn weather, and meditated for a long time. I actually lost track of time. When I "came to" I was much more peaceful. I looked at the tree next to me and saw it glowing and moving closer to me. I actually felt a connection with the tree. Very cool! I thought to myself. And the only drug involved was a piece of chocolate.

While I don't believe that meditation is the path to enlightenment, I am starting to see the value of meditating once in a while. As long as it is not used as a way to escape the world, or the uncomfortable feelings we have, meditation can be useful. Of course, when your whole life has become a meditation--when you can be in a meditative state while your girlfriend is yelling at you--then you have probably achieved enlightenment, or are very close to it. But that state is reached by staying present in the world and telling the truth, not by running to your guru or to your hill or to your meditation pillow when you are not happy with the circumstances of your life.

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