Sunday, November 7, 2010

The moon and our moods

Have you noticed how, usually when you're upset and going throught stuff, that most of your friends are too? That's been my experience. There seem to be energies that are affecting us all in some way. One of these energies, I noticed, is the moon. When there is a new moon (like yesterday, November 6) I usually go through some kind of hell. And so do most people I know.

I noticed this pattern a while ago. It seemed that every month (and no it's not about it being that time of the month) I started feeling sad or angry or abandoned. Some issue would come up and I would go into some deep dark vortex thinking that I would never come out of it. But in a few days I would come out of it and feel sane again. That period of insanity coincided with the new moon. I started reading about it and found that this was not news to the women who follow the goddess. They understand the impact that the different phases of the moon have on people and they hold rituals to the moon.

Scientifically, it's known that the moon affects the tides. Well, since we are made up mostly of water, it makes sense that the moon would affect us as well. Hence the word "lunatic".

So my guess is that most people reading this post have had a tough week. For me abandonment issues have come up, in addition to sadness and anger. It's been a potpourri of not fun emotions. Several of my friends had serious work issues and survival fears come up for them. But take heart. The moon is starting to wax, and you should be feeling much better if not today, in the next few days.

So what to do about this? Personally I do not worship the moon the way the women who are into the goddess do. I see the moon as a disruptive force. From my perspective the thing to do is to check your calendar when you are feeling like you've entered into your own private hell. If it's a new moon, don't take the hell so seriously. In a few days it will be over and you will feel sane again. Give yourself and your friends some slack when you all seem to be insane. Support each other. I found that being there for my friends helped me forget my own issues.

Really. We are unlimited beings. Let's not give our power away to something as silly as the moon.

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