Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Miracles vs. Magic

A friend called me this morning with some interesting information. She met a man with psychic abilities who gave her some true information about herself which he had no way of knowing. That got her trust. Then he went on to tell her that she needed Archangel Michael's protection. Well, I have no problem with that. I feel a strong connection to Archangel Michael myself and call on him whenever I feel I need protection, as he is a warrior. But then this man told her that she needed a medallion to help her get in touch with the Archangel. That's when I started feeling that knot in my stomach that is always a warning.

There were very specific, complicated instructions about what the medallion needed to be like. It needed a flaming sword in the middle. Ok, I get that. Archangel Michael has a sword. It needed a sun in the center. Around the perimeter a secret prayer had to be written in Enochian, which is apparently the language of the angels. Hmmm... I thought I knew of all the new agey things out there. Here was something I hadn't heard about. There needed to be an invocation in this Enochian language. Uh, I don't think so. This was getting way too complicated and was seeming more and more like magic.

As she talked I googled "Enochian prayer." Yep, there it was--the language of the angels. Prayers showed up in Enochian that were satanic, addressing Lucifer and other such beings that I had no interest in meeting. I stopped her and told her what I was finding. My friend is not gullible--quite the opposite. But she is quite psychic and she is open minded and the man who was the source of this information had been accurate. Magicians do have powers, but all powers do not come from God.

Magic, to me, is about being in control. It's about controling the forces so that I get what I want. It involves rituals that can get complicated and that can be dangerous, as you never know what forces you are going to bring into your life. The Course in Miracles is clear about giving up magic so that you can experience miracles. Miracles come when you surrender control and allow God to give you His gifts. I myself am a pretty good magician and can manifest things when I want them. But these days I am choosing to let God lead the way, as I find that what shows up is much better than anything I could ever conjure up.

The Course has brought me back to Jesus Christ as a true Teacher. I have read that Archangel Michael works with Christ, and that's fine with me. When I need to communicate with either of them I close my eyes, go into a quick meditation, invite them in, and talk to them. It's pretty simple. No angelic languages are needed. English works just fine. Silence works even better, as it is the language of the heart.

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