Sunday, December 26, 2010

Moving from the Magical to the Mystical

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebration. I did! I was invited to a party where everyone seemed to be a High Priestess or a High Priest of some sort. This was no surprise as the hostess is a very respected scholar of the Divine Feminine. Since like attracts like, the people who were gathered at this celebration were accomplished, grounded AND at the same time very spiritual and mystical. I can't really describe it. You had to be there. I found myself collecting business cards not because I needed to network, but because each person touched my soul in a very deep way and because they were all involved in work that I found fascinating.

One of the many discussions that I had was with a business man (who is also a closet High Priest.) He was telling me about the fact that he could very easily manifest whatever he wanted to, but that he wasn't called to do that recently. My immediate response was that he had probably outgrown manifesting (as described in the many Abraham-Hicks books.) At least that has been my experience. While I can manifest what I want in a very magical way--that's how I got the job at the hi-tech company I have been working for the last four years--I no longer am called to do that. Rather than the magic of manifesting, I prefer to have the miracles that God creates--the mystical.

What's the difference? When I try to manifest something, I am the one in control. I start writing down what I intend to create, and to the extent that it is specific I am micromanaging God's plan. The truth is that my imagination is limited to my past experiences, where as God's plan for me is unlimited. The miracles that come into my life when I let go of control are beyond anything that I ever imagined.

So do I give up on my intentions? No, I just get to the bottom of what I truly desire--unconditional love, causeless joy, passionate purpose, unlimited abundance, vibrant health, peace--and I let God come up with the plan. Above all, my desire is for Self-realization, and God knows that too. So anything that comes my way will be supporting me on my path Home and will be bringing me closer to these true desires. I trust that.

Surprisingly the business man/High Priest knew exactly what I was talking about. He had attended a workshop where they talked about the three levels of creating:
  1. Creating from the physical level of going out there and doing the job. This is the brute force method that most people use, and it involves a lot of hard work. I haven't worked at this level in years as frankly I am pretty lazy.
  2. Manifesting from the magical place that Abraham-Hicks describe, writing about the things you want and feeling the excitement of having these. I have been working at this level for the last decade or so, and as a result I get things done very easily without much physical labor.
  3. Allowing the miracles to happen from a mystical place. Since I started working on the Course in Miracles, the last six months, I have been operating more and more from this place. As a result I am constantly surprised (usually in a pleasant way) by the people and circumstances that are showing up for me. As long as I trust and stay open, I am in a very joyful place of adventure as dreams that I didn't even know I had are realized.

If you are operating at the first level, please stop working so hard. It's time for magic and miracles...

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