Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Visualizing your way to healing

I've never been one to go for meditations, especially if they involved visualiazations. Ugh! It just seemed that I was making it all up, and it didn't make sense. I would much rather just get my information straight--read it from a book or hear a lecture. Reading metaphysical/spiritual books and attending satsangs and other spiritual public meetings was my path to salvation for decades. Well, to my surprise this no longer works. I wrote about this a little bit in my previous post. I don't want to be lectured or given advice. I want to explore my issues myself.

Recently I learned a couple of visualization meditations that have really shifted me. In the last few weeks I've become a visualizing meditation junkie, for several reasons:
  1. For some reason my visualizing has become much stronger. I really see things when I close my eyes, as if I am there (well almost.)
  2. For another reason, I am pleasantly surprised by what happens. It's become clear that I am not in control of this visualization. It seems to have a life of its own. Places show up that I couldn't imagine (well, I guess I could imagine them since they show up, but you know what I mean.) People show up whom I didn't expect. I feel their energy. I see things about them that I had forgotten. I wrote about this when I "met" my father, who passed away years ago, in one of my first visualization journeys.
  3. Finally, issues really seem to heal. I experience forgiveness and love. I lighten up. The outside world shifts too. It's pretty amazing.

The Universe seems to support me in continuing this solo visualization healing journey. A few days ago I bought a book called The Temples of Light: An Initiatory Journey into the Heart Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools. As if my own visualizations weren't enough, this book leads me through 13 mysteries in Ancient Egypt via, you guessed it, visualizations.

Now my dreams are starting to contribute to this healing journey. Yesterday I dreamt about diamond engagement rings. I was then transported to a different year. "What year is this?", I asked in my dream. "It's 1973" was the reply. I woke up wondering what happened in 1973. Oh, I was engaged and had received a diamond ring. The engagement lasted five years because I couldn't get myself to marry him. I finally broke it off because I really wasn't in love with him. But on some level it seems that there hadn't been closure.

I proceeded to go into meditation and met my ex fiance on a beach. I gave him back his ring. I also gave him back his heart. I apologized for not loving him. When he was gone, I wasn't done. My first husband showed up. Oh, I needed to clean this mess up too. Then my second husband showed up. There were more men waiting for an apology. Ugh! I had forgotten how much suffering I had created in my 20s and 30s. Well, it was time to clean it all up, as the past has a way of seeping into the present and continuing to make a mess.

Thank God I have a tool for making amends in the visualization, as there is no way I would be able to find these men--nor would I want to.

No worry about my getting lost in these other dimensions though. My computer and hi-tech analytical job get me back in my left brain logic pretty quickly. I must admit, it's a bit strange having one foot in each world.

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