Sunday, March 20, 2011

Raising the bar

A friend led a ceremony last night for the full moon and Spring Equinox. She had done one just for the two of us two days ago, which was very powerful. Since the one last night involved nine more people, I thought that it would be even more powerful. I was disappointed. More people didn't make the ritual more powerful, because one woman in the group broke the "spell." Instead of following my friend's lead, she recommended a way of doing the ceremony which was "safer" and from my perspective much less interesting. My friend acquiesced.

It occurred to me that people tend to bring things down to the lowest common denominator. If someone is afraid, they water things down to make it safer for the fearful person. I've been hearing that most adults these days read at a third grade level. A "no kids left behind" policy seems to ensure that no kid will become a shining star either. It seems that society prefers to keep everyone in the middle. We don't want people to be too far below average, as they won't be functional and productive. But we don't want them to be too far above average, as they will disturb the status quo with ideas that are out of the box.

I have a friend who reads my blog religiously. When I am discussing something that is more mainstream and appeals to more people, she lets me know. I get the feeling--though she hasn't said so directly--that she would prefer if all my posts were at that level. But I am clear that I need to write whatever is coming up for me, whether people understand it or not. If I only write things that I believe the mainstream will understand, I will bore myself and not do anyone a service.

It's become clear to me, especially after last night, that I need to write and speak at the highest level that I possibly can. We all need to offer our gifts at the highest level. We can't afford to water things down so that others will feel secure in their comfort zone. This comfort zone is killing the planet and offering us all a slow death of mediocrity. It's time to raise the bar for ourselves and for everyone else. Let's feel uncomfortable. Let's push the edges and own our power, own our creativity, own our magnificence. Let's raise the bar for ourselves and for everyone else. If we are to survive as a species, it's time for each of us to show up and shine!

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Adele said...

Dear Despina,
I read your blog every once in a while and had to comment on what you is very inspiring to me. It IS important for us to notice when we protect the people around us and hold our light in. Its something I have been working on in my own life: being all that I can be, no matter if I am breaking some unspoken rules or defying someone's expectations. It is certainly a struggle but a noble one. Thank you for writing.
Much love,