Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back from a week of miracles

I just returned from Dr. Donald Epstein's Ultimatum workshop in Denver (www.wiseworldseminars.com/ultimatum). The man is beyond genius. He invented Network Chiropractic 20 years ago, and keeps inventing new systems that support the body, mind and soul. The Ultimatum is his most recent work. Donny, as he likes to be called, knows what the fabric of Reality is made of, and he knows how to support your energy so that you can shift to your highest potential.

Last year, when I attended my first Ultimatum, my main issue was health and lacking any kind of enthusiasm for life. During the week he moved energy into my physical and emotional bodies, and brought passion into my life. This year the theme for me was abundance. He moved abundance into my personal soul, and as a result I now feel that work will be coming to me that is joyful and uses my gifts, as opposed to work that just pays the bills.

Does this magic (which is really advanced science beyond most people's comprehension) that Donny performs work? Absolutely! The last day of the workshop I had a conversation with another attendee with whom I had really connected. Turns out she owns a company that edits books and it looks like I'll be working with her. The day after the workshop ended I met with a training company and know that I am meant to be working with them. There is a good chance that I could be training thousands of people, which is something I've always wanted to do. Especially if I can also have my book available to them, which I can.

Somehow life has really shifted for me, and I find myself in a parallel Universe where excitement of future possibilities has taken the place of fear of not being able to earn a living.

The Ultimatum is not an easy workshop to go to. It's expensive (worth every penny) and you need to be doing Network Chiropractic in order to be considered. Not only that, but several detailed forms need to be filled out, and it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted. But from my perspective, all this is a small price to pay for the miracles that happen during this year long--I mean week long--retreat.

If you haven't tried Network Chiropractic, I highly recommend it. It's available country-wide, though the San Francisco Bay Area probably has more network practitioners per capita :-)

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