Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pimps and 'Hos

Last week a friend, who is a spiritual teacher, invited me to a dinner attended by other spiritual teachers who were speaking at the Science and Non-Duality conference. It was a lovely setting in Mill Valley. The food was delicious and the company fun and interesting. These spiritual teachers did not take themselves too seriously. One of the guests was a film maker. Not your run-of-the-mill film maker, his films helped promote spirituality. When the dinner was over, he showed a short film whose premise was that we live in a world of pimps and 'hos.

This was a tongue in cheek presentation of an unfortunate truth. It showed that the world, with all its power struggles, can be boiled down to the ghetto world of pimps and 'hos. Pimps are the people in control who use the 'hos: the CEOs, the politicians, the kings, the husbands, etc. 'Hos on the other hand are the people who get used: the employees of corporations, the citizens, the subjects, the wives. Think about the word "Human Resources". It confirms this fact that employees are resources to be used up, hence 'hos.

Of course the energy between pimps and 'hos in our world is much more subtle and sophisticated than the the energy between a pimp and his 'ho in the ghetto world. A pimp will slap his 'ho around if she doesn't produce for him. Employees will just get fired or their contract ended, which will leave them unsure if they can survive. Same difference.

I experienced this pimp/'ho energy last night with the same friend who invited me to the dinner. I invited him to dinner at my house. He showed up and barely acknowledged me. He went right to the TV and asked me where the remote controls were. He watched TV as I prepared dinner. When dinner was ready, it was clear that he preferred to stay in front of the TV, so I gave him his food and ate alone in the dining room. I felt no appreciation, no connection, no love, no concern for an issue I was experiencing. Just a sense of entitlement to get his needs met. This from a man who professes to be guided by the "Mother" and who supposedly sees women as goddesses. Last night I did not feel like a goddess in his presence; I felt like a 'ho.

This pimp/'ho archetype is painful, whether it is played out by spouses, lovers, friends, or employees and employers. I don't want to live in a world of pimps and 'hos.

The Course in Miracles lesson for today is: Beyond this world there is a world I want. Indeed.

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