Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whose reality is real?

I've been enjoying writing in my blog lately--especially since I'm discovering new ideas from the Course in Miracles. These ideas resonate with my experience and so I share them in case they resonate with others. I realize that they are different. That's the whole point. We all know what the cynical view of the world has created. If we want to create a different world we need to think differently. Otherwise we will get more of the same old, same old: stress, exhaustion, illness, death, aging, plastic surgery, painful relationships with the opposite sex, work that we hate to do but do to survive, etc. etc. Ugh! Who wants to live in that world?

A good friend who reads my blog told me about an argument she had with a doctor over what I wrote in my previous post. The nice doctor seemed to go ballistic because he doesn't agree with what I'm writing. I understand not agreeing with something, but what I don't understand is the anger and hatred that goes with it. Something must be threatened to elicit such a response. That something must be their reality, or view of the world.

We all live in our own worlds. There is no such thing as Reality with a capital "R". Well there is, but those of us who are not enlightened saints don't experience Reality. We experience reality, with a lower case "r". This is the reality that comes from our beliefs. If we believe that people are not trustworthy, untrustworthy people will show up in our lives. If we believe that all men have affairs, then we will constantly be finding men who have affairs. And so on, and so on. We can all give examples to prove our point as we live in a world that is determined from our own beliefs.

If you don't like something in your life, check out what your beliefs are. That's the good news. It's much easier to change your own beliefs than to change the world. Or for a metaphor, if you don't like the movie that's playing you go to the projector and change the film. You do not go to the screen and fight with the images. Since we are all making up the story we live in, why not make up a story that has a happy ending?

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