Friday, October 29, 2010

The source of my abundance is the Source, not a corporation

A few posts ago I talked about how precarious my financial situation was, having lost most of the income that came from the hi-tech company that I have been working for over the last four years.

I've been praying for a miracle to guide me. What am I suppose to do? Should I look for work? Should I move? No answer has been showing up, so I haven't been doing anything. Unlike our culture's edict that says "Do something! Beat the pavement. Don't just sit there!", my knowing says "Just sit there. When the time is right you will know what to do, and it will be easy."

Well, it just occurred to me this morning that little miracles are showing up without my doing anything. I will be fine financially despite the fact that I will be working only 5 hours a week for the hi-tech company that has supported me the last four years. All I have to do is stay open.

Last week the woman who sub-contracts me out to the company I have been working for, told me that she has part-time work for me for another large hi-tech company. It's not a lot of work; right now just 25 hours or so for November and December. It won't solve my economic situation, but it will help. And it will put me in front of another really good client and open up possibilities for more work.

Yesterday, a friend sent me an email asking if it was OK that he recommended me to an author to edit her book. Is it OK? I love editing. And while that alone won't resolve my financial situation, along with my 5 hours a week here, and another 5 hours a week there, it will help.

This morning, my accountant (and friend) who lives in Utah called me to ask if I was interested in working for him 4-5 hours a week, as a manager of a training program. This is the job I was considering when I thought I would move to Salt Lake City, but a much more scaled down version of it that I can manage. Of course I will consider it.

I see what's going on here. God is not sending me one big job or the lottery to solve my money issues. He is sending me a lot of small jobs that together will solve it. I will no longer have all my eggs in one basket, thinking that the hi-tech company I was working for is the source of my abundance. I will no longer be owned by any one. I will have freedom to live my life and choose what I want to do.

I finally really get that the the source of my abundance is not any one company or any one person, but the Source of all. The source of my abundance is God, and I will never be laid off from That!

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Kienda said...

I thought I just did this. So much for my first Blogging attempt.
So, I am the friend of a friend with the book to edit. How fabulous to see the fact in print already. DESTINY is knocking at our doors. Fun, abundance and good times ahead. Kienda